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Autotraining programs

    "Kvant" offers the following computer programs for autogenic training based on the effect of the 25-th frame.

Try and Give up Smoking
- the programme forms steady negative attitude towards tobacco.
Stop Drinking
- this programme forms strong long-lasting desire to abstain from alcohol.
Good Eating Habits
- the programme helps to overcome overeating.
Self-Confidence Booster
- the programme helps to form positive self-esteem and boost your confidence.
Better Memory
- the programme forms positive background to improve your memory.

The programmes are user-friendly and have no side effects.
    In actual practice, only a few manage to cope with bad habits or gain confidence by simply applying conscious methods, leaving the subconscious out. This proves the fact that your subconscious tends to resist the changes to come and, consequently, any your actions as such are doomed to failure, because it is subconscious that always gains the upper hand over the conscious.
    To cope with bad habits and raise self-confidence there is no other way out than to correct subconscious through suggestion. Psychological attitudes are formed in the course of suggestive training by means of specially selected suggestive formulae presented in series to the viewer at a sub-sensory level of perception, i.e. each suggestive formula is displayed on the screen only for 100-300 milliseconds.