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How to buy?

    You may use the Western Union system. In this case, the money will arrive on the account of the firm the same day, and the programme is sent to the client the next day. If you have chosen this variant of payment you should send the following sum of money on the addressee specified by us, specifying the name of the programme chosen.
    On average, the programme is delivered by express-mail to any place in Europe within three days.
Name by mail
Computer language programme (standart) 120 EUR
Computer language programme (profi) 140 EUR
Language programme recorded on videocassettes (DVD) - standart 120 EUR
Language programme recorded on videocassettes (DVD) - profi 200 EUR
Computer autotraining programme 95 EUR
Video autotraining programme 95 EUR
Computer programme "Fast Reading" 95 EUR

    Price includes cost of the programme plus the cost of delivery.