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Language learning

The programmes for studying a foreign language are produced in two formats:

    1. recorded on a CD-ROM for IBM-compatible computers.
    2. as a video course.

    "Fast Teacher" language programmes as well as programmes for autogenic training are based on the effect of the 25-th frame.
    "Fast Teacher" programmes are unique in that they allow the user to recycle lexical units displayed at a sub-sensory level of perception and thereby imprint them at the visual level due to a hyper-mnemonic effect (ability to memorise a wide variety of things over a short period of time).

    "Kvant" offers the following computer programmes:

1. Conversational Russian
     The vocabulary includes 3400 words. There is the basic program for learning of the vocabulary, grammar and colloquial speech. The English-speaking people can learn the Russian language without primary preparation.
2. "Fast Reading" self-tutor.
     This programme is based on the effect of the 25-th frame and helps to acquire new reading techniques permitting to significantly shorten the time spent on perception of the written information. Reading by lines is the first stage in true fast reading. Increase in the rate and span of perception as well as in analysis of texts is basic criteria to check the efficiency of your individual practice. The self-tutor consists of two parts: "Expansion of the field of vision", and "Quality of reading".