New York Heat (Excerpt)

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Although the club had been open for an hour already and the bodies were pouring in, Dan still feared his ownership of Club 21 would end in utter ruin. To cope, he was in the back alley, having another cigarette. He’d already smoked half a pack since he left the lawyer’s office in the afternoon.

He leaned against the cold brick wall and inhaled deeply, the searing smoke filling his lungs. It was a disgusting habit, but it was also comforting. Even though he knew that nothing he was doing now would change the outcome of his new role as a business owner, it still brought a moment of peace in the restless turmoil.

The door beside him, with its little piece of cardboard preventing it from locking behind him, squeaked as someone opened it. He closed his eyes for a moment, wishing that his peace and solitude could last a little longer.

But then he heard Ken’s voice and was happy for the company.

“Hi,” Ken said.

“Hey.” With the cigarette almost finished, Dan stubbed it out on the bricks, then flicked it across the dirty alleyway. Ken had put up with his smoking, but had made it clear he didn’t approve. For a go-go boy with the reputation of a bad boy, he could be surprisingly clean cut sometimes.

“You okay?” Ken came out into the alley, propping the cardboard in the doorway before it closed behind him.

Dan smiled as he looked his boyfriend up and down. He was wearing nothing but a glittery pair of red briefs with tantalizing cuts and holes all over — giving hints of what lay underneath but without giving it all away — and a pair of colorful and immaculately clean sneakers. Just then, a gust of bitter wind barreled down the alley and Ken hugged himself tight, shivering.

“Come here,” Dan said, and pulled Ken into his arms. He hugged the younger man and felt a little better about his impending failure as a businessman — Ken’s presence was more powerful than a pack of smokes. I need to remember that next time, he told himself.

“You okay?” Ken asked again. Apparently, he wasn’t going to let Dan not answer.

“I will be,” Dan said, trying to sound more confident than he felt. “It’s just the jitters. Like, what if this all fails and I go bankrupt.”

“That won’t happen,” Ken said, confidently. He nuzzled into the hollow of Dan’s neck, both seeking and providing comfort.

“I know,” Dan said, “but I can’t convince myself of that.” He kissed the top of Ken’s head. After a few more moments of utter peace — moments that felt like they went on forever but were still far too short — Ken shuddered in the face of another cold blast of frigid air. “Come on, let’s go inside. It’s almost time for me to welcome everyone anyway.”

“One moment,” Ken said. He grabbed the collar of Dan’s shirt and pulled his lips close for a kiss. It was gentle at first, tender, but then Dan spun them around, planting Ken’s back against the brick wall.

He kissed his lover, pressing up against his naked flesh, sticking his tongue in his mouth and tasting him. Ken made him feel alive in moments like this. With one arm pressing against Ken’s chest, pinning him to the wall, he explored his body with his other hand, sliding his fingers down his tight chest and equally-tight abs, then cupping the bulge in those glittery briefs. He groped that bulge, feeling it grow thicker and firmer under his touch. In his pants, Dan felt himself grow just as hard and thick.

Breaking from the kiss, Dan fell to his knees in front of Ken and pulled down the front of his briefs. That cock — so big and so familiar — flopped out, hanging in front of Dan’s face, long and tumescent. He took it in his mouth, sucking hard, squeezing his lips tight, and started bobbing his head back and forth.

Ken moaned and ran his fingers through Dan’s hair, gripping his skull. Slowly, as the intensity built, Ken started thrusting his hips, matching Dan’s sucking rhythm, until the head of that fat cock was slamming into the back of his throat.

Dan worked his zipper down and pulled out his own cock, beating off furiously as he sucked his lover. He moaned as a thrill of pleasure coursed through his body. He was close. And by the rapid breathing from above him, he knew Ken was close too.

This is what we used to have, before buying the club. They were always a high-sex couple; they even used to invite other people into the bedroom with them. They fucked often and fucked hard. Yet they’d barely touched each other in the last three weeks. The stress of buying the club had eaten away at Dan’s energy and libido, sapping his strength, leaving him listless by the end of the day.

This is what we need to have again, Dan told himself. He needed to make time for Ken, for their relationship, their connection. Ken was his most powerful aphrodisiac and relaxant — even though they’d not had sex, he didn’t know if he would have gotten through the last three weeks without the man.

And those unwanted fears he’d discussed with Brad suddenly resurfaced, the heart-stopping dread that one day Ken would tire of being with an older man and move on to someone younger.

I just have to prove to him that men with experience are better than men with youth. He tugged on Ken’s balls as he sucked his cock, massaging his taint with his fingers. Ken started sagging against the wall. Dan knew all of the boy’s most erogenous zones. He knew how to make the boy melt into putty, how to make him moan and quiver, how to make him feel like no one else could.

With his sucking, he turned his neck slightly every time he reached the head of Ken’s cock, forcing his lips to run over the edge of Ken’s head, sending a jerk of overwhelming sensation through the boy’s body every time he did that.

“Fuck … Dan…” Ken moaned. “Dan, I’m gonna … fuck, I’m gonna—”

Ken gripped Dan’s head hard and started shooting wave after wave of cum into his mouth, filling it. Dan swallowed it all down and Ken still spurted more into him. It was hot and salty and sticky and he gulped it down.

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Written by Deep Desires Press
Uploaded July 13, 2020
Notes To ease the nervous jitters after betting it all on a business venture, Dan sneaks in a moment with his much younger boyfriend.

This excerpt is from "New York Heat" by Cameron D. James.
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