Lesbian One Shots - Story 1

Every day had been melting into the next since the lockdown had begun. Gabrielle had been working from her study at home for three weeks and could feel her brain drying out like a sponge in the sun from the lack of stimulation. Usually, she spent all day darting about the office, being pulled in a hundred directions at once and juggling a multitude of tasks.

Now, she was confined to her wheelie office chair for ten hours a day, enduring droning conference calls and sending ten emails for every query that could have far more easily been handled with a single face-to-face conversation.

Gabrielle wasn’t the only one feeling the frustration. Despite her endearing efforts to stay positive, Lyssa was clearly bored stupid locked in the house. The family she nannied for had no need for her with both parents at home, and she was burning her way through every book, DVD and videogame they owned.

Gabrielle was browsing online for more items to keep her beau entertained (while offering occasional affirmative grunts into her headset so that her colleagues knew she was still listening to their far-too-long meeting), when the sensation of fingertips ghosting up her legs sent a chill through her. Barely managing to hold in an expletive, she pushed her chair back just enough to peer under her desk. Lyssa peered up at her and pressed a finger to her lips.

Gabrielle tapped at her headset with wide eyes, mouthing ‘I’m on a conference call!’.

“I know,” Lyssa whispered mischievously, pulling the chair back up against the desk and sliding her hands under Gabrielle’s knee-length dress.

Gabrielle could no longer see her lover, but she could feel her. Hands skimming over the plump flesh of her thighs, pulling teasingly at the soft material of her underwear and allowing it to snap back against her skin, sending a jolt through her. It wasn’t her fault that she began to drip into her panties; the hands were so insistent.

She concentrated on her breathing; she couldn’t let her co-workers hear her panting as her girlfriend began to lick at the crease where her thighs met her vulva. Her knees jerked a little as she struggled against herself, powerless to decide whether to spread them or lock them together. Lyssa decided for her, pushing them until they met the armrests and slotting her face between them.

The wet, pointed tip of Lyssa’s tongue crept along the line of her panties, her breath tickling at the damp skin as she worked her way closer to the centre. She pulled the crotch of the underwear aside with two hooked fingers and curled her tongue deep into the crack between Gabrielle’s inner lips. A choked sound shot out of her, and Gabrielle covered it with a cough.

The slick, sliding feeling of Lyssa’s tongue probing against her soaked cunt was sending shocks of energy that bounced through her body as she struggled to maintain her professionalism. Her limbs were desperate to move, to claw at the desk and scream in pleasure. When it pressed roughly against the side of her clit she scrabbled to mute her headset, her mouth falling open on a silent cry.

There was no pause or hesitation. Lyssa flicked at the tender bead until Gabrielle was about to snap her keyboard beneath her hands in a hopeless attempt at relieving the pressure curling in her stomach and toes. Lyssa was relentless in her pursuit of Gabrielle’s undoing. And it arrived swiftly, in the form of a shuddering, arm-rest-clawing, hip-rolling climax that Lyssa refused to let finish until she had pressed every last drop of pleasure from Gabrielle’s swollen and pulsing clit. Even when she pulled away, she pursed her lips and sucked at the soft flesh until it released with a wet ‘pop’ and a weak cry burst from Gabrielle as her most sensitive part was pulled on.

Gabrielle slumped back in her seat; she hadn’t noticed her body had been wound quite so tightly until the ties were cut in post-orgasmic bliss. She wheeled her chair back again to peer down at Lyssa, who was still kneeling beneath. Her grin was worryingly wide; she was far too pleased with herself.

“We have got to find you some new hobbies,” Gabrielle panted.

Written by ladeeda
Uploaded July 28, 2020
Notes Gabrielle is trying to work from home. Lyssa is doing her best to be a distraction. When Gabrielle feels someone touching her under her desk while on a conference call she knows it probably won't end well.

Lesbian couple. Cunnilingus. Semi-public.
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