Lesbian One Shots - Story 2 (Domme)

Malia loved to play with subs, to push them to their absolute end and watch their bodies attempt to deal with the shock. She loved to tie every limb down and watch them convulse, their bodies straining against the rope desperately, she loved to gag them and listen to the muffled sounds that simply couldn’t be held back when they were so far gone, but she didn’t blindfold her subs, the eyes were one of her favourite areas to observe when going into orgasm, streaming with tears, rolling around, crossing or simply squeezing shut tightly. She loved all of it. She always brought subs to their limit, it was only when they were cumming on command and not of their own volition that she felt she got the best reactions out of them, and the reaction was all she cared about. Her subs were always fully used when she was done with them, she never relented. Harder. Deeper. More. Taking every last moan she could drag from them.

This time it was a tiny woman, small waisted and thin-limbed with long black hair and beautiful brown eyes with an infectious sparkle to them. Her wrists and ankles were tied to the table, an intricate chest piece tied round her cute barely-blossomed breasts pinned her down tightly, no room for escape. She was watching her carefully, she recognised that look from her own experience as a sub (oh, to be young and submissive again) that apprehensive feeling at the beginning of a scene, not knowing what to expect, your limbs clenching in anticipation of your dominants movements.

Malia stretched her fingers out and grazed them over the soft skin of her inner thighs, she could feel the shivers of excitement running through the muscle and she felt a pull in her gut, she wanted to bite down on her, squeeze the flesh of her thigh between her teeth. But not yet, first she needed to rile her up, get her hot and wet. She allowed her fingers to drag up to the meeting of her thighs, tracing lightly over the small patch of hair, pausing at the centre of her mound to give the hair a sharp tug. The woman gasped, the sound softening into a quiet moan when Malia released her grip, and let her eyelids drop halfway to gaze at the ceiling with a lust-filled expression.

“Spread your thighs.” She ordered, giving her knees a gentle push outwards with her free hand. The woman obliged, pulling them as far open as the ankle restraints would allow. Malia pulled a small tin from her pocket and popped the lid, the scent of menthol filled her nose. She swiped her finger through the balm and leant over the woman’s body to slide said finger between her lips, taking extra time to slowly rub the tip into her clit until all of the balm had transferred onto the submissive’s body although the end of her finger still tingled from the contact. The woman wriggled her legs a little, rubbing the ointment experimentally between her lips. Malia put the pot back in her pocket. The hand resting on the woman’s pubic hair crept down and parted either side of her clit as she brought her other hand up and slid it down to her vagina, rubbing around her hole with an evil slowness even she had to admit.

The hands worked in tandem as they massaged at her vulva lightly, warming up the skin with the friction of skin on skin. The woman’s breathing got heavier, her eyes still half-lidded.

“You’d better not be falling asleep on me.”

“No, ma’am.” She giggled, wiggling her feet as proof.

“Good.” Malia chuckled and stepped away to root through a storage tower holding five drawers full of toys, implements and… aha, exactly what she was looking for. A small squeezy bottle of sweet almond oil and a bar gag with a mouth cover. She shoved the gag in her pocket with the balm for later. She unscrewed the top of the oil and poured a small amount into her palm, placed the bottle on the table between the woman’s feet and rubbed her hands together, bringing the oil to body temperature before returning them to her vulva and continuing the massage of everywhere except the spots she knew the woman really wanted.

“Aaah.” The woman’s brows pulled together. Malia skirted around her clit, vagina and the tender spot right between her labia minora, focusing her energy on sliding her slick fingers over the plump flesh around them, curling into the crease where her thighs met her buttocks. The oil made it so easy to glide over her, teasing around the edges until the woman let out a whine. Malia shook her head with a smile and drew a finger from the woman’s clit to her vagina and pulled it away, inspecting how wet it was. Satisfied with her captive’s level of arousal, she finally dipped two fingers between her outer lips and clamped her clit and inner lips between them, at first giving a harsh squeeze to draw a sharp gasp from the woman, her eyelids fluttering. Malia loosened her grip and rocked her hand back and forth, allowing the wet and sensitive skin to glide between her fingers. Rubbing her into a wet fury, her body squirming and her moans getting higher and higher until her body froze, knuckles white and toes curled, she came with a sob, her body held taut for five seconds before her limbs fell flaccid onto the table. Malia stroked over gently, never allowing her a break from stimulation. The woman’s legs jerked together when she slid over her clit.

“Hold them open.” Malia paused her ministrations, her fingers clamped either side of the tiny bundle of nerves.

“Y-yes, ma’am.” The woman whimpered. Her legs managed to widen just a little, although not back to their original position. Malia could accept that, it wasn’t easy to stay spread when your post-orgasm clit was in a vice. Speaking of, she used her free hand to snatch up the clit clamp from on top of the storage tower, a small one with silicone tips and a metal adjustment ring. She drew her hand back, rubbing over every inch of flesh as she did, and positioned the clamp with the prongs either side of the woman’s clit before sl

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Written by ladeeda
Uploaded August 27, 2020
Notes Malia plays with her submissive using a mixture of pleasure and pain. Told from Malia's perspective.

Lesbian couple. Spanking. BDSM. Massage.
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