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I had been coming to this little Café, alone, every day after work, for more years than I cared to remember. The entire staff knew me and knew I liked to be left alone once I was served. I tipped generously for their inattentiveness. It was my quiet sanctuary. My place to unwind from my busy day and read the paper without any distractions. Nothing ever happened here. And that was what I liked about this Café. But tonight, sitting at my usual table, sipping my usual tea, reading the daily paper, like I had done thousands of nights before, without the least little bit of a distraction; I was distracted. Something happen.

Or I should say, someone happened.

It was a voice, from somewhere behind me, which caused my distraction and drew my attention to him. I sat there, instantly a near orgasmic tingling began running up and down my spine. I closed my eyes and listened carefully as he spoke. I really wasn’t paying any attention to the words he was saying, I was drawn in by the melodic, angelic sound of his voice. His sensual, enrapturing voice. My breathing slowed and deepened. My body shivered as he spoke. I wanted to turn around right then, but fear stopped me. The fear that if I dared to look in his direction, my world would come crumbling down: crushing me with boulders of disappointment. His disappointment, if he were to see me looking at him the way his voice was making me want too.

I so wanted to meet the owner of this voice, this voice that was tickling my eardrums like a feather tickling the tip of my erect manhood. But alas, I was too embarrassed to even attempt to go near the area whence this angelic voice was transmitting its heavenly sound waves. I felt my manhood throbbing in my jeans. How could a voice be having such an effect on me? I closed my eyes and let his voice fully enrapture me. Within minutes I felt myself orgasm. I was shocked and embarrassed. I hadn’t even touched myself. How could this have happened?

I quickly tossed some money on the table, over tipping by a long shot, and got up to leave, praying that no one had noticed me. Holding the folded newspaper in front of my crotch to hide any possible embarrassment that I had caused myself; I quickly left.

The next night, I was there again, at my usual table, at the same time. I wasn’t there to unwind tonight. I was there waiting. Waiting. Just waiting. My small kettle of tea sat in front of me, untouched. My paper, still folded, lay unread. I knew what I was hoping for, but I also knew it wasn’t going to happen. It would never happen. That was the story of my life.

The Café was eerily quiet. I had missed my chance. He wasn’t there. He would never be there. Maybe he had never been there? Had it been just a dream? I cursed myself under my breath for being such a fucking coward. If I had only just turned around last night, if I had only had the nerve to find the source, the source of that voice, maybe I wouldn’t be sitting here alone tonight, just like I had sat here alone every night for way to long.

The silence that filled the Café was deafening. I closed my eyes. I was going crazy. I so wanted to hear that voice again. I tried to hear his voice in my mind, but the silence that filled the Café permeated into my ears and I heard nothing. After about twenty minutes I figured all was lost. I had blown it. I would never hear that heavenly voice ever again.

I was brought back to reality by the sound of someone’s cell phone ringing. It rang out an old song. I opened my eyes. The song stopped. I was about to get up and pay my tab when I heard it. A shiver coursed through my entire body when a voice answered the phone. It was his voice. Oh my God it was his voice! He was here. It was the same voice from last night, coming from the same spot behind me. I closed my eyes again and breathed in deeply. I slowly exhaled. I just sat there, listening.

“Get up you damn fool!” My brain screamed inside my head. “Go find him! Don’t go home and regret not knowing again!”

I kept my eyes loosely closed, my eyelids fluttered with each and every harmonic word he spoke. I let his voice waft into my ears and tickle my brain. I smiled. I almost started to cry. I opened my eyes and slowly shifted in my chair. I had to risk it. I had to see the owner of this heavenly voice. I stood up and walked in the direction of his voice. He was seated in the second booth behind me. I couldn’t see him yet, but his voice was drawing me to him. I passed his booth and glanced quickly in his direction. My knees went weak. They nearly buckled under. I saw he was alone. I threw a friendly, quick smile in his direction as I passed. He smiled back. I felt a twitching in my groin, as I caught a glimpse of his broad toothy smile. His teeth, as white as the freshly fallen snow, were surrounded by a set of cherry red lips that seemed to stretch forever as he smiled.

I picked a couple of napkins off of the stack on the counter, the excuse I had made up in order to have a reason to walk by him, and turned to walk back to my table.

He was still talking on his cell phone. His voice, floating through the air and burrowing itself into my ears and tunneling down my spine until it rested in my nether region. I was nearly shaking now as I gazed upon his beauty, as that angelic voice of his caressed my very soul. I tried to move, to walk back to my table, but I couldn’t. All I could do was stand there. Stand there and gaze upon him.

He had been looking down at the table, writing something on a piece of paper, as I stood there staring like a love struck school boy. He looked up as he talked into his phone. He looked at me. His eyes, a glowing mix of emerald green, and grey, nestled behind the plushest, fullest set of black eyelashes I had ever seen. His obsidian hair was cut short and framed his gorgeous face with just a tuft floating down over his forehead. He was cleanly shaven, although I guessed he didn’t need to shave often for his sk

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Written by melvinmhk
Uploaded October 14, 2020
Notes A mans day is interrupted by a Voice that will take him on his own personal journey into sexual heaven.
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