Billy to Billyjean

My GF moved out so I needed someone to move in with me to pay the rent. I had been a secret CD for 3 mos.My friend T hooked me up with a guy named B whom moved in and began sharing the rent with me. The first few weeks,I kept my girly secrets.I had my own lingerie,skirts and 2 dresses.I could do my own make up too.I was hoping to find a new GF whom would appreciate a guy like me.I put ribbons,bows and barrettes in my long blonde hair.I joined a dating site but mostly got hits from horny old men and no real girls.I watched porn on my computer especially TG and gay porn.I really began identifying with the bottom.I read some CD forums discovering that I am a beta type male. I jerked off a few times watching the girl getting ass fucked with her little soft thin cock flipping and flopping.It was all warm gay fantasy to me. I never imagined being with another male.I was sleeping in my panties and nightgowns every night. I was going to work wearing panties and even a slip under my boy pants.My boss was a pretty older woman. One afternoon we chatted in her office. I noticed she was wearing a beige lacy knee length slip. It was so weird in that I was wearing the same slip that day.Nothing ever came of it.Just strange.

One night I was watching a romantic movie wearing my panties and negligee.For some reason.I did all my make up too and felt so girly fine.B had gone out that evening. I was totally absorbed in this movie.I was wearing my pink lacy negligee and pink panties.I did not hear him come into the condo. Suddenly B was standing there.

I seen him and tried to cover up.

“Its OK Billie. You look cute in your ladies lingerie.You have such a pretty face .May I sit next to you?”

“OK But let me go put on my boy clothes. This is just some silly game that I play to calm down”. He grabbed my arm. “No. Just be yourself in your ladies lingerie.” I put a pillow over my panties.

“No Billie.Relax.Be yourself. You lost your GF and maybe gained a BF.I think you know what I mean?” I sat next to him in my pink lacy panties and negligee. I smelled his manly cologne.My little cock was rock hard.I was thinking so what if I wear lingerie. So what he knows that I have a hard on. I am not gay or a sissy. I just like girls stuff.I smiled at him.I clicked my tongue.”I really like your cologne.It turns me on” I blushed and looked away.

“TY Billie.I am happy that I turn you on” I tried to interrupt him “No your cologne smells fine.I did not mean…that you..turn me on..I am not like a gay or …”. He replied, ”Well do I turn you on? ..May I take off my shirt?”

I said ”Yes and I think yes. Oh I dont know?”

I looked at his well toned body. I imagined rubbing his chest and tummy.Then I flashed on what it would be like to put my hands down his pants and hold his cock.My cock leaked in my see through panties.My panties were visible wet.

“Billie do I turn you on?”

I snapped out of it.”Yes. You do”

He said”There sweetie.You are getting honest now.I seen you in the kitchen one morning cooking breakfast in your slip and panties.You were dancing and shaking your ass like a hot little girl.I am not gay but I must admit you have a fine pear shaped ass.You don't have much body hair.I noticed your legs were all shaved too. You had pretty ribbons in your hair.You looked like a hot girl. Why don't you take down my pants?I know you want to see a mans cock.I know you want to play with it like a hot HS bitch plays with her first cock.Be a good girl.Get on your knees”. I was blushing so bad.I was getting hot flashes. I looked at him smiling and I clicked my tongue so loud.My tongue came out of my mouth.I licked my lips then knelt down.My girl cock was very hard in my panties.Watching and reading all the porn. No GF. I was horny and lonely. The ladies lingerie was melting my brain.I read a few stories where a faggot or sissy faggot gets in these situations and goes for it.He wants me to play with his cock and I want the same. I quickly removed his pants. I can see his boner hiding in his undies.He had a big hard on..I reached for it and held it in my girly hands.”Lift up your butt” I slid down his undies and there was a big fat cut prick with a handsome crown.Erect.Strong. Manly. “I never touched another mans cock.” I gently held my prize.”Billie we both know your not a man. Your a sissy girl who wants cock. I hear you jerking off most nights. I seen your cum soaked panties in the wash room.You left many clues .You got right on your knees for me. No resistance.Tonight you want my cock. Your my cute little cocksucker tonight.Go for it bitch. Suck me off then we can go get in your big bed and I will fuck your virgin asshole.” I looked at him saying”I want all this.TY for being so understanding.” I then proceeded to suck my first cock. The smell. Taste.Texture. MMMM. So hard and sort of soft.I devoured his shaft.”Easy Billie.Watch your teeth suck**g my cock. No teeth. OK.Bitch”. I mumbled a sorry and kept his cock in my mouth.

“Billie I never let any fag or sissy fag suck my cock.You suck my cock like you love it.Good girl”. I kept sucking and licking his shaft.I spit on it. Licked it. Kissed it. I blew hot air on it. I hummed while I sucked.So much better than licking the stinky twat of my GF. This was clean with a great aroma.I jerked off my own cock into my panties.My mouth,lips and tongue were all over his cock head and up then down his shaft.I smiled up at him.I sent him a message that I was enjoying his big hard cock.I was so connected to his cock.I softly held his balls.My body was vibrating.I was feeling alive for the first time in my life.He moaned then his cock danced in my mouth. He jumped and twitched as I sucked. I held his cock firmly with my mouth and lips.My tongue lashed his pee hole. He shot a few sperm ropes into my throat.The sperm hit my tongue as I tasted his sperm .Warm. Tasty. Almost sweet but I like it.It overflowed my mouth and leaked down my chin.His warm sperm was in my tummy.I wiped

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Written by robin48
Uploaded August 28, 2020
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