Tempting the Devil (Omegaverse)

  • 6 months ago
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Cuthbert could feel his hands shaking and he knew there was nothing he could do to stop it. He’d been so forward in asking Hugh for something like this and it was not his nature to be so. Such a bold request and stated so awkwardly and yet…the little Omega seemed almost too happy to provide it for him. As if it were nothing to ask for something so…so…private. He’d changed plenty of slick-laden sheets in his tenure and he’d seen the way an Omega pined and keened during their heats. It was unnerving the way they became desperate little creatures, begging for relief.

He’d never seen an Alpha in rut. It was a rare sight for anyone who was not an Omega and, with Nathan as cautious as he was about his house, there was no occasion for Cuthbert to have ever seen him succumb to those types of instincts.

What are you doing, Cuthbert? You’re tempting the devil.

His insecurities were roiling about and he recognized them for what they were. He held the little white square of linen in both hands while he slipped, unnoticed into Nathan’s room, tucking the fabric packet into a drawer before he moved to the window and peered out, watching the last of the wedding guests make their way to their waiting coaches. It had been such a lovely wedding and Amelia had looked simply perfect. Her dress was lovely, her hair stayed pinned the whole of the reception, and not once had she or Nathan given anything away about the true nature of their relationship. Cuthbert had worried about some kind of underlying anxiety but the night had gone smoothly and Mrs. Watson had given him smug glances every time she had come across him.

Let the wench think she’s won.

“I thought I’d find you here,” Nathan cooed from the doorway, clicking the lock in place as he entered.

“Where else should I be, my Lord?”

“Mm, none of that. I’ve had enough of that tonight.” In the soft warm light of the lamps, Cuthbert watched Nathan’s brows twitch inward. “Nervous of something, love?”

“To be frank, yes. I am.”

The Alpha sighed through his nose and moved toward the bed, shedding his jacket and untying his cravat. “You needn’t worry over anything. It’s all out of the way now and the only thing Amelia and I will have to do is keep up the charade. I promise you, it was a thousand times more difficult to hide things without a wife. When we’re back in the country with the whole of the house, we’ll put Amelia in the Viscountess’s suite and her mother will be nowhere near all of our rooms. Hugh will fit in quite well with us, boisterous as he is, and we’ll all be perfectly fine together.”

“Oh yes,” Cuthbert mumbled. “I know all that…Hugh is…very accommodating.” His brain sputtered over his word choice. “It is not that, Nathan…it is more…something quite sensitive. I’ve not brought it up before and I’ve no way of knowing how you’ll…how you’ll…”

The Alpha turned to him, his collarbone peeking from his shirt while he raked a hand through his hair to muss it up. He was so dashingly handsome in the glow of the lamps that Cuthbert almost didn’t hear him respond. “We’ve never had issue with tender subjects before. Perhaps I should kiss the truth out of you.” He flashed a devilish grin at the valet—a facet of the Viscount that was never shown outside the bedroom.

“Oh dear…” Cuthbert muttered.

Nathan approached him and bent his neck to press the tip of his nose just under the Beta’s ear, taking in a deep breath of his scent. The Alpha paused for a moment, his head ticking to the side and his soft lips grazing Cuthbert’s throat while his nose made short, sharp, inquisitive sniffs. He drew back only slightly, his nose sniffing lightly in a search.

“Oh dear…” Cuthbert muttered again, this time with a tad bit more alarm.

Nathan was frowning as he took Cuthbert’s hand and gently scented the tips of his gloved fingers. He gave pause, staring at the valet intently.

Cuthbert gulped. “Hugh’s heat…it…”

“It smells wonderful,” Nathan replied, his tone low and sultry. He kissed the tips of Cuthbert’s fingers and then pulled the Beta close to scent him again, whispering against his throat. “You smell wonderful…”

“My scent can’t be as…as arousing as an Omega’s heat scent…I…”

“How often are you going to wonder about my attraction to you? Hm?” He placed a sweet kiss upon Cuthbert’s jaw line and smiled against him. “Are you to fret about how much I could want you until the end of time? Are you always going to think that some Omega will try to steal me?” He drew up and pinned Cuthbert with a chiding stare. “Is that why you’ve convinced all of my housekeepers to hire Betas or Alphas?”

“N-No…well…yes. Oh dear.”

Nathan laughed. “I’ve known. Though how to convince you that I love you seems to elude me.”

Cuthbert blurted his response, letting the words tumble out with abandon. “I-I…I would very much like to be knotted, Nathan. I’ve heard that it is a very bonding experience for Omegas and—”

“Omegas, Cuthbert,” the Viscount repeated, drawing back to peer quizzically into the Beta’s dark eyes. “You’re a Beta.”

“And I’ve all the same pieces and parts that an Omega has. You’ve read the medical studies, you know there’s not much different about us, there’s nothing that Hugh can do that I cannot—”

“You cannot make slick. You cannot have a heat. You cannot induce a rut…nor could you become intoxicated by an Alpha’s scent enough to forget the pain of one…”

He stammered, his heart beating faster with the anxiety that he might fail in this relatively simple request. Perhaps it would have been easier just to do it without asking him. He gripped Nathan by his sleeves. “Nathan, please. I trust you. We’ve not had any issue with the oils and I’ll have my wits about me enough to know when to use more. I…I’ve wanted this. I’ve thought for such a long time about this and how much I…how much I need it. I want all of you, Nathan. I’m greedy. I’m selfish. I want to know that…that I c

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Written by jd_riley
Uploaded July 14, 2020
Notes AlphaMale/BetaMale Omegaverse - Cuthbert has procured the sample of slick he needed to send Lord Ormsby, his employer, into a rut so that he can finally have all of his beloved Alpha. Determined to succeed, the valet has his mind set to take Nathan’s knot and won’t allow his dynamic to get in the way.

YouPorn doesn't have the best system for OV fic. This includes: knotting, painful sex, and heat/rut dynamic
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