A Boy for Miss Molly (Omegaverse)

It wasn’t the first time Sam had ever stood anywhere with his hat in his hands but this moment definitely stood above the rest as one in which he thought he’d certainly hit “rock-bottom.” He twisted his little flat cap in his hands while he stood, dirty and wet from the rain in Miss Molly’s parlor. He hadn’t even the courage to put his boots near to the fire so he stood next to it, hoping that it wouldn’t merely make him warm and damp or the room humid. When he’d asked to speak to Miss Molly, he’d thought himself capable to say what he’d come to ask but as he waited for her, alone and uncertain, he grew more and more convinced that in this he was doomed to fail as well.

He hadn’t been a very good boxer. Fight after fight he lost and gained only more scars to show for it. He used to be pretty, he thought solemnly. He used to be pretty and lithe and worth having for a night or two…but now? He avoided peering into any mirrors for the fear of having to see the scars on his face. He supposed that to most, he was still cute enough. It wasn’t as though he had to have his jaw put back together like Hugh or his nose broken like Cyril. He’d never lost function of any of his eyes like Fox or near had his tongue ripped out like Maddie. Despite all his losses…he still only had a few scars…

Her low feminine tone put more butterflies in his gut and he gasped when she walked in.

“Hello, little boxer. Forgive me, I don’t recall your name though I’ve seen you before.” She was beautiful and tall, her deep sanguine skirts floating about her as she moved easily into the room and sat upon the settee. She smoothed her gloved hands over those voluminous skirts and looked up at him through long lashes. “You asked to see me?”

“Uh I…I-I…” He gulped, twisting his hat harder. “I um…I-I heard…th-that y-you were m-most times…uh…um…” His lower lip began to tremble and he could feel his back bowing as he cowered in submission.

“Oh, sweetpea,” she cooed gently, sitting up, “you don’t have to be afraid of me. Whatever it is, I’m not going to be angry with you.”


“Shhh, little one. Would you like me to rub you?”

“N-no thank you, m-mum,” he sighed, his hands dropping to his sides with a huff, “I-I’ve come here t-to ask…if…”

She was leaning forward now, concern etched in her features. “If…?”

“If you mightn’t need a…another.”


“Another. Whore.”

There was a bit of a pause in which the beautiful Alpha’s face did not change from concern, her scent muddling into an odd state of befuddlement before she sputtered out a gentle giggle in her realization. “Oh dear, you mean you.” She giggled again, pulling out her fan and flipping it open so that she could flutter it toward her throat. “Gracious, this is a surprise. What in the world would possess you to resort to this?”

His cheeks were so hot he thought he might burst into flame. That or tears, he wasn’t sure which. “M-My manager…Mr. Hawk…he’s had enough of my losin’. If I d-don’t find my way, I’ll…I’ll just…y-you see, I owe a lot of money…me Ma was sick for a long time and…now though she’s gone, the doctors still need their pay…and…I can’t pay them… I don’t want to go to to the workhouse, mum…I’ll die there…” He felt hot, shameful tears spill over onto his cheeks. “So here I am…and I’m beggin’, mum. Please…I’ll do anythin’.”

Miss Molly was looking at him with soft eyes and she flipped her fan closed. “Dearest little one, you are far too sweet. Come here and let me rub you.”

He stumbled forward, unable to resist her cloying scent. Sinking into her, he held her behind her shoulders and dipped his face into her throat while she rubbed at the back of his neck with her silk-gloved fingers. The pressure she placed there soothed him and he felt more of his tears leak out and dampen her flesh. God she smelled incredible.

Poached pears and cinnamon with a whiskey burn. The way old hard wood held him up after a night of heavy drinking and the glow of the orange fire in the hearth at the Rabbit. The comfortable scratch of wool blankets and the tight bearhugs that Hawk used to give him when he’d let her fuck him to have a safer bed in the loft.

“Oh little Omega…” she cooed, “you’re very sweet and so precious, but you haven’t the looks…you haven’t the disposition.”

He felt a new wave of sorrow crash into him and he was lost to his sobbing cries, rendered unintelligible against her. “Please…pluh…please…pleassse…god, please…”

“Sweetpea,” she crooned, “sweetpea, shhhhh…let me hold you. Darling. Shush.” She lifted him and stood, swishing in her skirts and moving through the house while she held him and he wept. She was still cooing softly to him as she laid him down and brought his arms from around her. “Darling, my love, you must let me hold you. Properly, of course. Shhhh…shhhhh…”

He blinked away most of his tears, his breaths coming in short hiccuping gasps while she undressed him to his drawers, distracting him with gentle nipping kisses to his ears and then his neck that he exposed in a show of his submission. It was warm and she was comfortable and slowly he lost himself to her touch as she swept her soft hands over his body and teased him until he was whimpering beneath her. His voice was breathy and he felt so terribly lost. “M-Miss Molly?”

“Darling,” she murmured, standing up and reaching back to unlace her bodice.

“I don’t understand…”

“You don’t?” she asked, gazing down at him while she slowly peeled away her clothes, revealing herself before him as the most stunning example of an Alpha he’d ever seen before. She was lithe and almost feline in her musculature, her flesh unblemished and radiant. “Do you want me, little one?”


“Then take me and take your pay for it. If you wish to be a whore so badly, then you’ll spread your legs for me and put in the work necessary.” Her words were honeyed but they hit him all the same and

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Written by jd_riley
Uploaded September 7, 2020
Notes AlphaFemale/OmegaMale

Omega Sam has lost his job as a boxer in 1850s New York City. He comes to the Alpha madam of a cathouse to beg for a job there. She refuses to give him a position as a whore, but is more than willing to pay him for his services for tonight...

This is Omegaverse!!! Female Alphas have dicks.
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