Lesbian Erotica: Never Have I Ever Chapter 1

Kyra Anderson and Simmons Caruthers have been inseparable best friends since they started Liston University, and he just abandoned the bar, dragging his boyfriend Lucas upstairs.
“Guess it’s just you and me, babes,” Kyra shouts to Lucas Brown’s BFF-since-kindergarten, Samantha Tryon. She drains her cocktail of the evening, some glowing shit Simmons concocted out of absinthe. “Shot?” she yells to Samantha.
Samantha shrugs. “Why not?” she yells back.
“What?” Kyra shouts.
“I said, ‘Why not?’”
Kyra pours two shots of absinthe straight from the bottle and hands one to Samantha. “Bottoms up, girlfriend!” she yells. They clink glasses and throw them back. Samantha wipes her mouth on the back of her hand.
“Goddamn, that shit is potent,” she shouts.
Kyra shakes her head in frustration, reaches over and turns down the speaker next to them. “Sorry, I can’t fucking hear a word you’re saying.”
“I said that shit is potent,” Samantha says.
“No shit; it’s supposed to get you plowed.” Kyra hops on the bar and pulls Samantha with her. Then she pours them each another shot. “One more of the green-eyed witch,” she says.
“I don’t know, it’s pretty—”
“Look, our boys are upstairs fucking. What else are we supposed to do?”
They clink shot glasses again and throw the liquor back. It’s licorice-y, a warm burn down the back of Samantha’s throat. Kyra hooks her heels back on the bar railing. Anyone walking by can probably see up her dress, but Samantha realizes she probably doesn’t give a fuck. Sam leans back instead, knees slightly apart. Fuck it. Give the boys a show. At least loser Justin will have something to jerk off about later.
“Any plans for the evening?” Kyra asks.
“Get drunk,” Samantha says.
“I meant anyone,” Kyra says.
“Not really,” Samantha says. The liquor’s starting to spread out through her limbs, that warm, loose feeling. “Truth? I’m kinda bored with Austin. Not like it’s a thing with us, but still.”
“Need some new entertainment, huh?” Kyra asks. She leans towards Samantha slightly. Her dress is dark, dark, dark in the blacklight, but teasingly white bits of her bra glow out of the top. Samantha knows her well enough to realize it’s intentional.
“Pretty much.” Samantha yanks at her own black dress. It’s riding up her thighs again.
“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that, it looks cute,” Kyra says. “The boys like to look.” She smirks. “So do some of the girls.”
“Oh yeah?” Samantha says. She pushes herself up off her arms. “Like which ones?”
“You guess. If you’re right, I take a shot. You’re wrong, you do.”
Samantha laughs. “That might be a lot of fucking shots.”
“Do you really have anything better to do?”
“Do you?” Samantha asks.
Kyra smirks again. “Not really.” She scoots closer to Samantha so their thighs are touching. “All right. We’ll do easy. Vodka, not absinthe.”
“Lacey McKinnon.”
“Null and void; we think she’s asexual.”
“Kirsten.” Samantha grins.
“Cheater,” Kyra says, because everyone knows Kirsten likes girls. But she takes a shot anyway.
“Hmmm … Gretchen.”
“Nope.” Kyra pours Samantha two fingers of vodka. She throws it back, glad she showed up stone-cold sober.
Samantha looks out at the crowd of people dancing under the blacklight. The couches have been pushed up against the walls; people have already claimed them as prime make-out spots. “Dr. Sanders,” she says.
“Nope; we think she fucked one of the other profs.” Kyra hands her another shot.
Samantha purses her lips, then twists them into a grin. “You,” she says.
Kyra downs a shot. “And you’ve got a pretty mouth,” she tells Samantha. “What about you?”
“Are we playing Never Have I Ever now?”
“Sure. Never have I ever kissed a girl.”
Samantha holds out her hand. Kyra pours them each a finger of vodka. They clink glasses and down them.
“Okay,” Kyra says. “Never have I ever played with tits.”
Samantha holds out her hand again. Both down another finger of vodka.
“Never have I ever hooked up with a girl.”
Samantha narrows her eyes. “What’s that mean?” she asks.
“Don’t play cute,” Kyra says.
“No, what do you mean, exactly, ‘hooked up’?”
“Want me to show you, honey?” Kyra leans over further. Samantha can see down her dress.
Samantha smirks. The liquor’s loosened her up. “Sure, honey.”
Kyra hops down from the bar. Solicitously, she holds out her hand to Samantha, who takes it and drops down next to her. Kyra grabs her wrist and threads her way through the crowd, to the stairs. Up the stairs. Samantha bites her lip. She hasn’t made out with a girl since freshman year of college. It’s her second year of graduate school now, five years later, and she’s getting butterflies about the prospect of doing it again.
Kyra keeps hold of her wrist all the way down the hall, where she drops it to open the door. She holds it for Samantha. “After you,” she says, a smile twisting up her lips.
Samantha steps inside. It’s a rich girl’s room, and a pretty one—velvet comforter on the bed, high-end makeup scattered on the dresser, the bureau, the sink. The closet’s crammed full of clothes, and a very fluffy, very pink robe hangs from a knob on the back of the bathroom door. It smells like Chanel and clean laundry.
“Like my room?” Kyra asks.
“At least you know how to clean up, unlike Lucas.”
“Yeah,” Kyra says. She yanks the comforter down. “But I don’t like getting the velvet fucked up.” She shoves Samantha—it doesn’t take much of a push—and she’s on her back on the bed. “I prefer actual sheets, thanks.”
For a stomach-fluttering second, Samantha thinks Kyra’s going to pin her, but she flops next to her instead and kicks her stilettos off. Samantha starts to do the same. “Oh no, girl. Did I say you could take your heels off?” Kyra demands.
Samantha freezes. Kyra laughs. “Oh, take them off if you want,” she says. “But this is going to be fun, isn’t it? Let me guess. You like girls in theory. You’ve made out with a few. You’ve even grabbed some tits. But you’ve never really done much with another girl, have you?”
“I t

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Written by authorjuliamcbryant
Uploaded September 19, 2020
Notes Experienced Kyra takes shy Samantha upstairs after a game of Never Have I Ever takes a turn, and Samantha finds out what it means to do more than just kiss and grabs some tits... includes fingering, oral, pussy licking, and orgasm. This is the first chapter of the novel Never Have I Ever, available on Amazon and free on Kindle Unlimited March 5 2020 at: />
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