Pink Little Princes

I was 18 and i belived i was a normal boy. I even had a girl firend. We had sex and it felt fine. But right after my 18th birthday i began to grow female breast. I was shocked and ashemed. I asked my mom to take me to a doctor, but she refused she seemed to enjoy my suffering.
One sunday my mom invited some friends. I was suspisous they were going to have an orgy because i knew some of the guys she had sex with. I asked to go aaway to a friend but she insisted i stay. It was 6 o clock. There were 6 men, Jordan, Mike, Eric, Joey, Matt and David, my mom and me. I was going to my bedroom out of bored when Mike grabbed me from wraist and said to my mom, "Does "she" know about the suprise?" My mom left the room while Mike forced me to his lap. Other guys come closer to touch my body aswell. Iam immobilesed by stange feelings. Eric begin to squeeze my swallowen boy breasts.
My mom came back to the room with a big box. She said "suprise my boy, this is the day you become my little girl."
i opened the box. Inside were pink leggins a white skirt some makeup and a blonde wig. My hearth begin to pound crazy. The guys take up and make me sit on a chair. My mom applied make up to my face. Lipsitick eyeliner rouge. Mom told me while doing the make up that she was giving me hormones secretly thats why i lost my facial hair and grow breasts. She told me that she always wanted me to be a girl. That this was the day.
The guys tore up my clothes, they were all in control i was like pupet. They took my pictures as girl.
Suddenly iwas surrounded by massive cocks. I realized my penis was girly pink and small compared to them. Start sucking. As my lips touch Mike's dick my butt hole became moist, then i know what i wanted. i start moaning as the guys takes turn on my mouth. When jordan licked my asshole i was bursted with pleasure. My lips moved by them selves as i said;
Please fuck me. Hard and painfull.
My mom slapped my ass and said, "that my slutty girl".
So they fucked me six men taking turns. It was really painfull in the begining but then i realized pain as pleasure.
Each one of them cum in my mouth and i swallow the whole load. It was so yummy...

Written by pempe06
Uploaded September 1, 2020
Notes How i accepted my fate as a sissy cum princess
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